Alto Height Adjustable Leg System


The Alto height adjustable leg system has a simple and delicate design which creates a minimalistic sleek appearance.

The Stable frame structure has a big load capacity, while meeting the requirements for a safe working environment while maintaining it’s sleek design.

Designed for quiet office environments with low decibel output.


Description Width (mm) Depth (mm) Height (mm)
Straight Leg System 1,080-1,800 705 595-1,245
L-Shape System 1,080-1,800 1,050-1,800 595-1,245
Back-to-Back System 1,080-1,800 595-1,245



  • Leg Systems available in black or white
  • Bluetooth controller – for leg system operation from within App
  • Cable tray available for Back-to-Back Leg System